The next European Space Elevator Challenge

The next European Space Elevator Challenge takes place from 12th to 16th September 2016 at Technische Universität München in Germany.

This year, we are doubling the drive height to 100 m and there will be a new category for highschool teams and beginners. You can find a summary of the rules at Requirements.

We are looking forward to many entrants! A registration form and the detailed rulebook will be uploaded soon.

For any questions, send us an email to

Make it ecology-minded, make it efficient, make it european!

Your challenge: Build a climber, that - based on the concept of a real space elevator - drives autonomously, carries high payloads and manages its energy efficiently.

For the future of Space Elevator in Europe

The objectives of European Space Elevator Challenge are,

An elevator to the stars? Is that really possible?

The concept is pretty easy. An elevator drives on an extremely tear-resistant tether at least 36.000 km up to the space. At the top of the tether a satellite or a space station is placed. The tether is permanently strained by the balance of the gravitation and the centrifugal forces.
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