The Teams of European Space Elevator Challenge 2011

Aoki Bravo A

Country:Japan University:Nihon University Background:Aoki Laboratory Team members:Shinya Tanaka, Emiko Hara, Yoshinori Takezawa, Akira Miyara
Climber runs on:Round rope Climber weight:8.88 kg Climber, 1.11 kg Payload Climber size:1000 x 400 x 300 mm Climber materials:Aluminium Power supply:Lithium polymer battery Sensors:Contact sensor, rotary encoder, ultrasonic sensor

The reason why the space elevator can shine us is that it is thought that a far place of space is brought close.

Aoki Bravo B

Country:Japan University:Nihon University Background:Aoki Laboratory Team members:Kohei Nakadai
Climber runs on:Flat tether Climber weight:4.76 kg Climber, 0.66 kg Payload Climber size:460 x 190 x 180 mm Climber materials:Aluminium Power supply:LiPo battery Sensors:Contact switch, rotary encoder

Attracted me to the space elevator to a longing for uncharted territory.

Cambridge CNT Society (cancelled)

Country:United Kingdom University:University of Cambridge Background:University Club Team members:Robert Weatherup, Adam Lawrance-Owen, Maximilian Bock, Dishant Mahendru, Jonathan Cormack
Climber runs on:- Climber weight:- Climber size:- Climber materials:- Specials:Building a CNT rope

Earth Track Controllers (ETC)

Earth Track Controllers (ETC)
Country:USA / Japan Institution:Private Background:Interest in robotics / astronautics Team members:Chad Lorsung, Amie Allison, Akira Tsuchida
Climber runs on:Round rope / Flat tether Climber weight:5.41 kg Climber, 1.05 kg Payload Climber size:609.6 x 190.5 x 254 mm Climber materials:Mostly aluminium Traction:4 wheel design for stability traction and pulling Control:RC control and Arduino for autonomous drive Datalogging:Temp, Rpm of motor, voltage, current

To be able as humans to achieve the unachievable.
Also to discover new technologies.

Egami Laboratory

Country:Japan University:Kanagawa University Background:Egami Laboratory Team members:Toru Ikeuchi, Tetsuo Tsukuni, Tadashi Egami
Climber runs on:Flat tether Climber weight:6.90 kg Climber, 1.24 kg Payload Climber size:undecided Climber materials:Aluminium Sensors:3-axis acceleration, 3-axis gyroscope, barometer Specials:Climber can adjust press force of wheel itself

Iran Space Elevator Team (IRSET) (no visa granted)

Iran Space Elevator Team (IRSET)
Country:Iran University:Azad and Shahid Chamran
University of Ahvaz
Team members:Mohammad Aramideh, Masoud Aramideh, Mojtaba Akbarzadeh
Climber runs on:Flat tether Climber weight:- Climber size:- Climber materials:-

We saw the subject of a space elevator on the internet. We thought it's an interesting field to research because space elevator system is a new and challenging subject nowadays.

Macedonian Star (cancelled)

Macedonian Star
Country:Macedonia University:South East European University Background:Personal interest and education Team members:Dushko Basheski
Climber runs on:Flat tether Climber weight:5 kg Climber size:1 m x ... x ... Climber materials:Aluminium and plastics Power supply:Electric cells to the battery and rechargeable battery on 10 rings

From point of view of my country is "pioneer" step to the future technology. From point of view of Economy based on my country economy not global, is opening jobs of different kind. From point of view of Association is "my free will" is to form "First Macedonian Space Agency" with your help! From point of view personal dignity Space Elevator is small step for me, but longest for Macedonia and my University SEEU.

Stellar Up-Lift (cancelled)

Stellar Up-Lift
Country:United Kingdom University:University of Brighton Background:Extracurricular Engineering Student Group Team members:Martin Weber, Sam Cozens, Daniel Beales, Oliver Jones, João Miguel
Climber runs on:Flat tether Climber weight:5 kg Climber size:0.5 x 0.3 x 0.2 m Climber materials:Aluminium Engine:A brushless DC motor is connected via a belt drive to one or more rollers

The idea to reduce the cost of space travel and to reduce strains on the astronauts (acceleration can be less) while at the same time having a reduced environmental impact. That as well as the economic possibilities that could be triggered by it.

WARR Space Elevator

WARR Space Elevator
Country:Germany University:Technical University of Munich Background:Scientific work group Team members:Daniel Eiringhaus, Dominik Bartling, Philip Bruhs, Jonathan Lambers, Herbert Weidinger, Lennart Wolter
Climber runs on:Round Rope Climber weight:3.56 kg Climber, 3.39 kg Payload Climber size:- Climber materials:Carbon, Aluminium Specials:Solar "Mini-Climber"

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